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We all have the desire to get fit and feel great. But since we were established back in 2011, we’ve been serving the Jacksonville area with a new and fun way to do it. Our members can’t stop raving about it!

The methods we use at CrossFit 904 are what make us so unique. We find out what’s important to you and design a customized regiment for you. This allows us to help you achieve your goals in record timing. We have everything you need—knowledge, experience and equipment. Get started today!




Owner + CrossFit Coach

Ashleigh was born in West Palm Beach and spent most of her childhood in Ocala, FL. She went to the College of Central Florida while in high school, and graduated with her Associate's Degree a month before graduating with her HS diploma. Thereafter, she pursued a Bachelor's in Psychology at Bryn Mawr College and went on to finish her MBA in Entrepreneurial and Financial Management. Ashleigh had always been open to new ways to workout and stretch, trying all types of classes, but once she found CrossFit she knew what she had been missing! She started coming to CrossFit 904 in 2020, and ended up purchasing the gym later that year with her husband, William. Ashleigh's passions include training new athletes, heavy weightlifting, and running/organizing competitions!



CrossFit Coach

Shane was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. He went to Brevard College in Brevard, NC. Shane ran and competed in collegiate Cross-Country and Track & Field. Shane also raced trail ultra- marathons for years throughout and after college; distances ranging from 50k to 100k. In his last year of college Shane redirected his focus on functional training and weightlifting. He found CrossFit and hasn’t looked back since. Shane got his CF Level 1 certification in 2018 and has been training, and coaching in Tennessee, North Carolina and now Florida! Shane believes that the keys to success in fitness and in sport are consistency, nutrition, and always striving to move well with better mechanics.


CrossFit Coach

Christian grew up in a small town in Texas, traditionally playing football and baseball early in life. As he is currently active duty in the Navy, he eventually moved to Jacksonville about 7 years ago to work as an aircraft mechanic at the Naval Air Station. Christian started CrossFit about a year ago, and has loved every minute of it since; he has found a passion in coaching since then. Early this year, he wanted to pursue that passion and took the initiative to take the Level 1 CrossFit certification course. He enjoys helping members surpass their own expectations, and pushing their limits.


CrossFit Coach

Nick was born and raised in Hanover, Pennsylvania, but has spent most of his adult like in South Florida! He recently made the move to Jacksonville and comes to us with over 5 years experience coaching CrossFit. Like most former athletes, Nick was introduced to CrossFit and instantly fell in love with the sport and fitness that it embodies.

His passion for CrossFit, coupled with his passion for helping others, makes being a CrossFit coach a no brainer!