Our Athlete Development Program (for students between the ages of 13-18) is designed to help your student athlete get in the best shape of their life. We offer individual and group training based on your athlete’s needs and goals. Join us and “Get with the Program!”


Our group training will focus on developing a well rounded athlete:

  •  We will develop overall strength, speed, and explosiveness.
  • We will teach your student how to perform basic maintenance on their body to help prevent injury both in season and out of season.
  • We will regularly discuss good eating habits to ensure they are performing at their absolute best day in and day out.


This program is individually designed for each student to intensify their strengths and attack specific weaknesses . Our number one goal will be to help them get a higher value scholarship or win a state title. We will do this by making them the absolute best athlete they can be!

  • We’ll start by administering a focused assessment test.  This test will measure both absolute strength and strength endurance.  We will test overall mobility.
  • We will put together an individualized training program designed to attack your student’s weaknesses and improve their overall mobility to aid in injury prevention.

To sign up for a personal assessment, please e-mail Head Coach Josh Krehbiel at In the past 6 years, Coach Josh has worked with high school and college athletes from various sports including swimming, rowing, basketball, baseball, football, tennis, softball, and wrestling. Coach Josh not only focuses on your student’s chosen sport but he also individualizes training and programming based on your student’s specific position on the team and on the movements commonly used in your child’s sport.  Read Coach’s blog post of why he developed this program here.


Sunday, Dec. 3rd – Yoga at the Box 8:30 – 9:30

Saturday, Dec. 16th – Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
WOD at 9am and Brunch to follow!

February 3rd – Annual Valentine’s Massacre Competition