CrossFit Competitions is the sport of fitness! What is a sport without competitions!!! Here at CrossFit 904 we hold two signature events each year. These events are a great way for our members to practice for an upcoming event and then test their progress. They are also a way for us to show who we are to the rest of the CrossFit community. People travel from throughout Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando to compete. Here is a brief description of our events.

CrossFit Competitions


Every February we host this two person (Guy and Girl) event to see who has the best engine. This competition is two to three weeks before the start of the CrossFit Open. So the movements and weights will be very similar to what you will typically see in the CrossFit Open. More event details here…


Our owner, Josh, loves Halloween. So the Director’s Cut occurs on a Saturday in early October. This two person (Guy/Guy or Girl/Girl) event is meant to see who is both physically, and mentally, prepared. The movements are announced previously to the event but the actual layout of the events are announced on competition day. Only the director knows the script! You must be prepared for anything! More event details here…